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vote issues/merge requests without comment

Create an upvote and downvote buttons for each issue / merge request.

Having to write a new comment when you only want to upvote / downvote without saying anything only clutters the comments.

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    Ciro Santilli shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Greg Smethells commented  · 

        Where does one go to see the work-in-progress? Somewhere on gitlab.com? Does feedback.gitlab.com provide a way for suggestions to link to feature branches in-progress?

      • Greg Smethells commented  · 

        I agree that votes should be in their own data model. At the moment, having them in notes prevents simple and obvious mechanics such as sorting issues by votes. If the issue does not bubble up and get seen then what is the point of the vote?

      • Ciro Santilli commented  · 

        Please group all equal tokens and show the count of each and sort by decreasing counts:

        :thumbs-up: (21) :thumbs-down: (19) :pink-heart: (15)

        What are the standard ones shown for quick select going to be?

      • AdminGitLab team (Admin, Gitlab) commented  · 

        Emoji awards
        Comment with one emoji character do not trigger a notification and are not shown in the list of comments
        We show all of these comments on a line (or lines if there are many) in the issue or MR
        This line replaces the voting bar (downvotes where a bad idea anyway)
        The line will also display the total number of emoji given
        If you hover over the item on a line you see who gave it a what time
        There is an 'Award Emoji' button to quickly select one from couple of standard ones (+1, beer, flash, dancers, etc.)

        We can use issues for feature requests since they are less noisy!
        Less emails because +1 doesn't trigger one
        Easier to read popular issues and MR's since comments are hidden
        Inspired by Phabricator:

        Example in https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T899

      • Katrin commented  · 

        Voting buttons (anonymous or not) would also make the issue tracker concept more accessible to non-technical users. They are IMHO more likely to know and understand the buttons at the vote counter, than the fact that they would have to comment "+1" or something to cast their vote.

      • Doug commented  · 

        Maybe show the votes in the comment area but make them less obtrusive. Similar to when issues are reassigned. That is shown in the comment area but doesn't take up as much room as regular comments but still show up in the comment timeline

      • ApoY2k commented  · 

        Why not just have the "thumb up/down" button create a comment in the name of the user clicking it? GitLab already does this with mentions from other issues, etc.

        Just have the button create such a "[username] (dis)likes this" automatic comment - no issues with anonymity

      • Ciro Santilli commented  · 

        Ah, GitHub also does it like that for watchers under the "participants" area on the sidebar. Face icons are just appended an flow into multiple lines if needed.

      • Ciro Santilli commented  · 

        That is an interesting UI approach. What happens when there are too many icons to fit on the space?

        Why not treat the admin review status / approvals via tags?

      • Christopher Case commented  · 

        Also, I feel that if you're going to have a feature like this, it might make sense to also make a break between "I, as a user, want this feature fixed/written/merged" and "I, as a project member, have reviewed this."

        Really, it would only need to be, say, a difference in how their icon is shown (if you follow my previous mock-up). Maybe add a background color to indicate this is a developer who's voted. On the database side, though, it should be tracked separately, so that in the future, we can build off this feature(ex: have the option to have a separate 'approved' list for merge requests.)

      • Daniel Cestari commented  · 

        Hi, just to clarify a bit, StackOverflow's votes are not anonymous, you have to log in to vote

      • Ciro Santilli commented  · 

        I feel that the cleaner solution is to separate votes from comments and add a new model.

        For example, this would make it easier to do future calculations on the votes, such as (upvotes - downvotes) counts directly inside the database (there would be an integer column with +1 for upvotes and -1 for downvotes in the vote model).

        It would also return less unnecessary hidden HTML comment data to users.

      • Ali Tavakoli commented  · 

        An alternative solution might be to keep all the back-end models as is, and manage this entirely in the UI.

        To be specific:

        1. Include buttons to upvote/downvote, which, when clicked, would add a comment by the logged in user containing only :+1: or :-1:, exactly as if the user had made that comment themselves, with the same permissions/etc.

        2. Hide any comment that only has a +1/-1/vote-emoji as its content (don't hide comments that contain a vote among the rest of their content, though)

        3. Include a button/checkbox to show those hidden voting comments, so you could see who voted if you're interested

        4. (for bonus points) Allow people to take back their vote or change it, which amounts to deleting your previous +1/-1 comment or replacing it with the opposite vote.

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